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The Birth of A Misfit

William “Nephibis” Young was born in Baltimore City, MD. Growing up he was constantly bullied due to being different and having a voice that wasn’t considered masculine, so he avoided people and spent most of his time writing about how he felt. At home he was frequently beaten and verbally abused by his previous stepfather. Later, he became depressed and suicidal, which led to him getting into trouble and being admitted into the hospital.


On New Year of 2005, William visited his cousins on the West Coast, where he was invited to participate in the “New Year spit.” On this day, he fell in love with rapping and being able to express his pain through music. Later, William met a Crip named Pain, who taught him about the history of gangs and encouraged him to read about Malcolm X and The Black Panthers. This inspired him to become a conscious artist and aim to make a difference in the lives of others through his music. He was often compared to 2Pac, so William decided to listen to his music and do research on him. This inspired him to have the ambition to change the world through his music.


Eventually William’s music caught the ears of a Baltimore rapper by the name of Shy Ladyheroine, who encouraged him to take his music to the next level. Later, under the guidance of Kieshawn Richardson, he was able to release his first single Bumpin’ My Music under the name Noble R. His music caught the Attention of Catherine Trotter, who invited him to the Speak Life Open Mic event. Catherine encouraged William to speak positivity through his music and he was able to make a positive impact on the youth.

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