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Demo Reel

This is my demo reel for several projects.

 The Blacksmith - This is a video game in which the cinematic transfers to gameplay in which the player's objective is to obtain a sword. I created the sound of the ring around the sword as well as the "pick up" and gem sounds using a sound designer. I recording the sounds of the keys and the swords clashing. The ADR is a recording of my own voice. I did the sound effects editing and mixed both the cinematic and the gameplay sounds. I also implemented the audio into the game. 

Intruder - In this gameplay demo all of the sounds were either recorded by me or created within a sound designer. I edited the recorded sounds to make them fit the space them and mixed in all the sounds, then implemented the audio into the game. The voice of the alarm is also a recording of my voice with editing to give it a robotic feel.

Nothing Owed - For this demo I edited the sound effects in order for them to fit the video and make the scene more realistic. Then I mixed the volumes, so the voices could be heard clearly and all of the sounds would blend together well.

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