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Relationships are a 2 way street. I can cook & clean. I am not a world chef or anything, but I cook decent enough that my food is edible lol. Some of it is pretty good though. I have high morals & values that I live by even though I am not religious. As such it would be reasonable for me to have standards for a woman in relation to who I am as a person. I don’t have values based on money, so my standards do not involve anything that can be measured through the use of money. I only mentioned this to let it be known off the back I already do certain things so i’m not speaking from a perspective of someone who does nothing.

I have noticed that when you talk to a woman she wants some nice things. Not always cooking, but in cases like mine where you can cook that may be a plus. They may want some romantic things like flowers, a massage, bubble bath, etc. The list goes on of great things a man can do for a woman.

This is when we get to the women. Too many young ladies want their man to go the extra mile, but what do they do? Think about this. I am not saying all(that is why I said too many). If you ask some of the same young ladies to split any of these tasks with you or maybe do another task. Something like If I cook & clean up could I get a massage. or maybe you cook one day & she does the next. Whatever scenarios you can think up. There are way too many young ladies of which you could go down a list of a million scenarios and they will say they are not doing a single one. That makes you step back like hold up! i’m doing all this for you and what are you doing for me. The only thing they really offer you is sex. That is it. I am not speaking for the guys who are good with that, but someone like me is going to say, “okay that is cool, but what else do you have?”

I mean there are billions of women I could go sleep with, so why should I choose you. That’s like getting a typewriter when you could get a brand new laptop. The laptop can do everything the typewriter does and then some. That is not even including the pressure we feel as men with having to protect & take care of the whole family in a time where a lot of people work 5 jobs and still can’t afford to take care of themselves, but we are expected to get out the house by 18 and have a mansion, private jet & benz in a month(over exaggerated, but that is how it feels being a man).

Unless you just want every guy up in you(which I won’t hold nothing against you with. Just know you won’t be getting a ring from me) you have to be willing to give something more than just sex. There are guys out here who you can play with. Even they won’t let you play with them, but for so long. In the end you have to make up your mind as to what you want. If you want to keep a man or you want a good man in your life you have to put in the work. I am not talking about the work for yourself, but the work for the relationship. A relationship where both parties benefit. Offer to do some things for him. They don’t have to be big things. Just PARTICIPATE in the relationship. Don’t be an anchor dragging him down. Don’t be that woman who is like “I am a woman and I don’t have to do anything, but you have to do everything for me.”

This does not work for the guy who is just trying to get his. I can’t tell you what works for him, because I don’t know how to think like him. If I did I would be him. If you want to know then go ask him.

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