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Speak on your dreams

I wish people would tell me more about their dreams. I mean what do you want? Most of the people I ask can't give me an answer beyond what they feel like they are supposed to do. I mean I want to know what you are passionate about. What sets your heart on fire. Not just what you like to do, but what you LOVE to do. I feel like a lot of people aren't even looking for that thing and some are afraid to speak on it, because they don't want to offend people or be put down. The only reason people get mad when you talk about something you love all the time is because they haven't found anything they love. They haven't found that dream, that passion that pushes them on. They may have a goal, but they are still walking around with no purpose to their life. If you do something, because you feel like that is what you are supposed to do that is not purpose. If you do it because you have a burning passion to do it then you have a purpose. I am not knocking you if you don't have a passion. Everyone isn't meant to have something to do beyond helping others follow their dreams. If you are that person that just makes other dreams work & not yours I have nothing against that, because at least you are helping someone else with their dream. What I do have a problem with is someone who stands in the way or speaks down upon someone else's dream. I don't want to hear none of your realist bullshit, because if you want to be a realist then you would admit that our existence today should not be real. That is some realist for you, so don't be fooled by that so called realist talk. It should be called scaredist, cause that's exactly what it is. Trying to rationalize fear in following your purpose due to opposition.

If you really love something then you should be eating, sleeping & shitting it. When you are at work you should implement it into your day anytime you get a chance. When you are at school you should find a way to make it a part of your studies. Idc if you work 100 jobs & go to school. If you get home and you only have 10 min to spend practicing your dream then in that 10 min you better work harder than every second you spent on those 100 jobs and at school combined.

I mean when you see all these successful people you already know what they do. You can't meet one of them and not know exactly what they do by the end of the day, yet all these people out here complaining you can know them for 5 years & be like I didn't know you wanted to be a doctor or lawyer or that you like to dance or sing or w/e. If you truly want to be it then you need to live it. If you are unwilling to exist as your dream every second of your life then you don't really love it and anything that you are not willing to base your whole existence around is not something you need to worry or care about, so there is no reason ANYONE on this planet should be stressed out over ANYTHING they have not based their existence around.

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