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Let your heart show

I love this, because it is so true. People hide their emotions, because they feel it is weak & they are afraid for others to see it & use it to hurt them. It takes a stronger person to not care what others think & try to do. I show every one my weaknesses, because NO ONE can use them to defeat me. attack my weaknesses all you want and all you will do is make them stronger and guess what? The whole time everyone was attacking me when they saw my weaknesses I found out who my real enemies are and now I know exactly who to crush. The art of war. The most powerful thing in existence is the mind & heart combined. Matter of fact that is what made Pac as good as he was. He wasn't afraid to show his emotions. That is also what took my last performance over the top. I struggled so much on stage, because I didn't want to show my emotions cause of the whole "men have to be a certain way" thing society puts on us, but when I let go of what I am "supposed to do" & let myself free. I went to the next level.

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