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Lyrical Segregation

I have love for all artists out there & I wish you all the best, but now it is time for lyrical segregation. I have spent too much time stuck in this be nice world of everybody get together & be friends. We can be friends, but lyrically there will be separation.As far as making songs I will not do any songs with people talking about booty shaking, disrespecting women, drugs(weed is okay), materialized items & other things that fit in with those types of artists. I am willing to do songs with artists who talk about shooting, but under certain conditions. If you talk about it, because of survival, resistance, to tell a story, etc. it is fine. But if you are talking about it, because you are the baddest around, you are just a disrespectful person or it is just Tuesday, etc. then I don't want anything to do with your music. I refuse to get on any song that sounds like tap dancing, watermelon and chicken eating, black face type music. DO NOT hit me up asking me to do a song with you on your next album if it is called "booty sweat." I will not buy or promote your music either, because it is the destruction of what I am building. You wouldn't be a real estate agent & take a bulldozer to a house you are about to sell just to support your friends construction company would you? exactly.These types of artists are counterproductive to what I do as an artist and I need to be fully represented by everyone that I surround myself with. I will only be around like-minded artists. I don't care about money or how many people listen to me. This isn't about doing the right or wrong thing. It isn't about what people think I should do. This is about Hip Hop & what I love. Therefore the only thing that shall exist in my presence is that which will build the world I am creating. All else is of no significance.If you are an artist that fits into the category that I will not work with, support or buy from then don't take it personal. This is how it must be. If you do take it personal then be gone.

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