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We must move forward

I have been thinking about this whole black people struggling thing. Lately I hear a lot about how we were broken down & how those before us fought harder ect. I do agree that we have been broken down, but I don't believe that those before us were a generation of freedom fighters to the degree it is played out to be. I watch people all day everyday. I notice how people have similar traits to those before them even when they don't know or like them & I honestly believe that the traits we have today were passed down from an existence that took place long before slavery. I mean if your ancestors had it in them to fight you would still have that fight in you today no matter how broken down you have become. The reality of the situation is that a lot of people who took action only did, because of someone else taking action first. They were skeptical people, but saw someone strong and went with them, but had that person not stood up they would have continued to bow down. It is no difference than to day, except that now we cater to the weak. We baby them up & give them cushion & say "it is okay. You can fight when you are ready." Back then it was either you are with us or you are left behind.

That is the problem with the world as a whole today. Back in the day everything advanced like crazy. Everyone had a new invention. Now we dumb down technology for the people who don't know how to use it. We dumb down music for the people who don't understand it. We dumb down school for the people who don't get it and what have we managed to do for it? We have held back the people with the potential to advance greatly and the people who can't are still in the same exact place. But all we do is cater to those who won't move forward. We used to cater those who wanted to move forward. Now we cater those who are content with mediocre.

I would love to live in a world with no rules. A highly advanced city surrounded by vast woodlands of beauty. We could be traveling in space right now(beyond this BS we call space travel right now), but we spend so much time dumbing everything down we are halting advancement of the entire human race. The thing that makes this an even worse problem is that only certain people can live in the world I just mentioned. The majority need to be told what to do. They need someone to think for them & crack a whip over their head. They need some form of oppression. Otherwise they wouldn't do anything productive and these are the people we concentrate all our time & efforts on. Those we have to force to do things. We are carrying dead weights. If we move forward & stop baby powdering their ass then they will get up & do things themselves. If not then it will be a death that improves the planet. They are integrating with those who could be great & destroying their minds. Keeping them from advancing & those are the ones we nurture the most.

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