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The state of music

Rap music didn't go downhill after Tupac & Biggie died because no one will ever be as good as them or anything like that. It went downhill, because they became the "Black Messiah" that the FBI wants destroyed. They became powerful & were a threat to the system. They had the power to make people move. They could have made a change in this world. I mean Biggie would have made a negative change, but from what I understand when he got killed he was trying to go from negative music to positive music. Think about it. During that era of Hip Hop everyone was challenging each other and that is why artists became so good. Now it is like if an artist( Kendrick Lamar for example) makes a verse challenging artists...not even dissing, but challenging the whole world gasps like omg the world is going to end. Have you noticed that a new system is in place in the industry that keeps the best(content wise) from getting in and the ones they do let in they don't develop into legends anymore. Now they drain the artists for every ounce of music they can suck out of them & drop them. Think about how music has been set up to brainwash people and turn off those who can't be brainwashed to keep the underground artist in a position where a new "Hip Hop Messiah" couldn't arise, because they can't get the resources or support to get into that position. I mean look at how they destroyed MJ's image. He was another one who had the power to make change & when he got to that level all you heard was them destroying his name. Artists have the ability to gain the power to change the world, but if you step beyond the lines of entertainer then this system will try to destroy you. They aren't trying to make that mistake again of letting another Tupac or MJ come up.

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