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Who is the real terrorist?

I feel like x-men is a good example of what goes on inside my head. You have the x-men who want to fight for justice and then you have the brotherhood of mutants who feel like the only way for mutants to survive is to defend themselves against non-mutated humans and take any actions to provide the safety for mutants. They retaliate against any actions taken towards them. The brotherhood isn't rea...lly evil they just do what they feel is necessary, because lets be real. If the world knew of people with powers everyone would be scared, say they are dangerous and try to wipe them out. It is very unfair to say that "Oh we are going to kill you because you are different from us even though you haven't done anything wrong and if you try to kill us to stay alive then you are an evil person." Come on now that is BS. Of course that is how this world works and the people who retaliate are called terrorists.

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