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some things are meant to be separated

People always get made about someone being judgmental, but I don't think it is always a bad thing. For example if people were still judgmental about those who play video games every game that comes out right now would be epic instead of piece of crap games you can beat in a few hours and all of a sudden everybody thinks they are a video game god. We would have better technology cause all the peopl...e who didn't know crap about tech would still not be touching it like cavemen so it wouldn't be dumbed down for the people who still don't know crap about technology, but think they are a tech wiz now. Music would be so much better. If people still judge Hip Hop as that music for the bad kids fighting against the system and black people were still saying "we don't want that Hip Hop music associated with us" It would be good. I think the worst thing that could have happened to Hip Hop is when all black people accepted it and started claiming it as something made by black people. When it was only claimed by the kids fighting against the system it was great music. I'm sorry, but most black people may never recover from slavery and a lot won't be able to pick themselves up. You took music that was a way for people of multiple races living in the hood to create their own society, their own way to live & be, their way to strive and make it to the top of a new system and decided to take it's claim from those people ready to rise to the top and give it to the people stuck at the bottom of a system, who never will be willing to leave that system, because they are too attached to it, who destroy each other and don't want to make any progress. Not to say that black people altogether are like that, but the majority of the ones who now claim it are. We need that segregation back where people who want to rise to the \top & have their own style, art, etc. can do Hip Hop and all of you who want to be self-destructive and talk about materialistic items, hoes, drugs & all that can rap, but you have to call it something else so everybody knows we aren't the same thing. I'm about to create a new genre of music and no race can claim it. You have to be a certain type of person to qualify. I will come back from my grave and kill every single black person that says black people made it cause black people didn't make it I made it. This isn't against black people, but I'm tired of people trying to integrate things that are meant to be separated. It wasn't meant for cavemen to play with electronics. It wasn't meant for those without an elevated mind to start saying they are Hip Hop. It isn't made by black people. It is made by people with an elevated mind who wanted more than to be slaves to a system that won't give them the freedom to be who they are

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