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Hand your children over

I grew up during a time where everyone talked about slavery will never come back, because black people will fight back and everybody was talking about FEMA camps & the New World Order & all that. Then I noticed that today it is a popular idea to send your children away to the police. Somehow people believe it will keep them safe & protect their future. That is the stupidest shit I ever heard in my entire life. How the hell does sending your child to be locked up keep them from being locked up in the future. If the avg person who gets locked up ends up going back over & over again till they get life then wth makes you think sending your child to get locked up will prevent that from happening later. Yes they will see they don't like it, but it will also create hate, resentment & a prison mentality.

Don't tell me they can't bring back slavery or that black people will fight back when yall are so willing to hand your children over to imprisonment to "keep them safe". They don't need FEMA camps. You dumbasses are handing your children over. They don't need to create a New World Order I mean America is already oppressing every other country and Americans blindly follow whatever the government tells us and agrees with them it is a good idea no matter how clearly you can see that it isn't.

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