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You know what I don't get....people get so upset about the “state of Hip Hop.” Yet when you tell them the people of their concerns aren’t Hip Hop, because they don’t represent the ideals behind Hip Hop they are quick to jump at you trying to defend the very thing they complain about. Reality is that people nowadays are passive bitches that don’t want to stand up for anything. If you throw on a red or blue rag & go to Cali claiming you gangbang do they say, “Oh snap homie you got our colors on. You must bang with our set.” Hell no! You get G-checked & your brains are turned into a concrete slushie. But nowadays if someone raps then they are automatically considered Hip Hop rather than representing the beliefs of Hip Hop. You can create your own thing, but you can’t take something that already exists & decide to change the meaning of it and what it represents. If that is the case then when an internet gangsta that can’t fight & never banged a day in their life is talking shit in your inbox you need to piss yourself & run for mommy. Idc if you stuffed them in a trash can the other day. If someone has a victoria’s secret model pic up & says they are her even though it is really a fat guy eating donuts on the other side of the computer since he has the pic that means he is her. That is the stupidest logic ever, but clearly to yall rapping makes you Hip Hop. It isn’t just the people that don’t know that are the problem. All the emcees have been passive. To be peaceful & send love. I’m talking real emcees. Not dumbasses who think emcee just means a more experienced/skilled rapper, but understands the purpose & duties behind being an emcee. Fuck Peace! No Love! THIS IS WAR! You step on the battlefield & I am eating you alive. Don’t hit me up if you make some bullshit music about your car with the spinning rims, popping pills, booty shaking, stupid shit, drinking, smoking & having sex. If you can’t drop some knowledge or have any real content stay the fuck from round me. So all the rappers who fit that description & people who like rappers like that GTFO my page. Don’t speak to me when you see me cause you are dead to me. Fuck that being nice shit. Fuck you & everyone like you. Any emcees that are too pussy to stand up for real Hip Hop might want to be careful around me too cause anyone that crosses me I will come for their head on the mic. I will be the target of all these bullshit rappers & whoever is with them & I don’t carry anchors. You are either with me or you are dead.

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