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Why Argue?

Why do human beings spend so much time arguing about things that don't matter & won't change their lives. Most of the things people argue about involve things we will never be able to 100% verify, because it happened so long ago that everyone who was there is now dead. Why is race such a big issue? What if we were all 1 race & only look different, because our bodies adapted to our environment. Then all racists & people arguing over what race came from where & all that crap would be feeling real stupid. What will kings & queens from so many years ago do for you today or tomorrow? How will knowing the design of buildings from the past help you? I just don't understand why humans spend so much time on things that don't help them specifically, but spend all day studying things that have nothing to do with them or bettering their future. It makes them look smart in the eyes of society, but to me it makes them look dumb cause you can't put that info to any use except for bumping your gums. Good job human race on concentrating on another useless thing

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