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People should be who you want them to be

I feel like you should think people are who you want them to be when you meet them. Let me explain why I say this:

If you treat them like who you want in your life then the ones you don't want will leave

treat them like who you don't want then the ones you want will leave.

treat them like you don't know who they are & it is highly likely you will attract people who don't know who they are.

I mean when you think about it. When you meet someone and they treat you like something you aren't don't you get irritated & not want to talk to them? I know when dudes approach me speaking on that goon ish I look at them like, "get out my face." It is similar to when a guy tries to holla @ a woman & she is pissed off. It is because you approached her in the way you would approach a woman with a personality she is not favorable to. A lot of times guys get pissed off thinking she has a bad attitude, but you can't approach every woman the same way. Trust me. I know a guy that approaches women like hoes. He tried to holla at this girl & she was so pissed she started changing colors(she wasn't lightskin either) I talked to her litterally seconds after & her whole demeaner changed. She was really sweet to me. Then another group of women we had the opposite effect. It is a personality thing whether you are trying to be friends or more. So don't cuss people out cause they reject you. Just understand your personalities don't mix. We aren't meant to mix with everyone

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