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This is who I am

A lot of people say I write essays or books. It really irritates me when people say that. I have an extremely complex mind that really can't be explained using the vague words & categories most people use. I don't put myself into any category, so my way of thinking doesn't have any parts that could be described using a predefined word. For a time I was trying to keep my messages short when introducing myself to new friend, but i'm tired of trying to cater to other people. This is who I am. I have a lot to say when i'm talking about something. If you don't like it then don't deal with me. Besides the people who trip about it either don't read, so it makes it pointless to send them messages regardless of how long they are or they are people who wouldn't come close to getting me(& probably would annoy me with extended conversation), so it is a wasted effort. The people who are find with everything I do are the ones I would rather deal with & the ones who will support my music. My music is my life. It is ever single day. I live it, breathe it, sleep it, eat it. There is no way possible you could be a part of my life & have nothing to do with my music. So I might as well continue writing my long messages, because it will get rid of the people I don't want to deal with anyway.

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