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The reason God has so much power is because people can believe in God faithfully. It is easy to believe in an idea or image, because it can be given infinite power. When you can't detect something with any of your senses then you can give it the image of perfection. If you feel it can do no wrong then you can't doubt it. It is pretty easy to put all your heart & faith into something you can't see fault in. You can create any image you desire of it & it will always be the ultimate perfection no matter how much you change, because it will always be the image of what you feel is perfect in that moment.

What we need to realize is that we are perfect. We are so stuck on looking for fault in ourselves & always looking for what is wrong in every situation. Saying we aren't perfect makes it easy to excuse when we mess up. We are exactly what we are meant to be. The issue isn't becoming it, but realizing what/who we truly are.

This is not to make a statement on whether God exists or not. I believe that God both does & doesn't exist at the same time. What I mean by this is that God only exists, because we believe God exists. If no one believed in God there would be no God. God is in reality our conscious mind, faith, etc. We create the "miracles" & we create God. All we see & experience is created by our minds. This is what it means by "we are created in God's image." We are God & God is us. We are both the creator & the created. The chicken & the egg both came first, because the chicken is the egg. We are all an extension of one.

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