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When I Speak!!!

When everyone else expresses how they feel it is all cool. It is a discussion, but whenever I say something everyone on this damn planet gets butt hurt and has a problem with it. Apparently i'm a threat. I couldn't give 2 shits about some “right or wrong” mentality. I don't think of people as being right or wrong, because those factors vary from person to person. I just feel a certain way & I express it. If you can't handle people disagreeing then don't post it on social media.

I could see if it is an extreme case like harming someone or something, degrading them, disrespect or something like that, but I just simply say i'm not with something or whatever like that and OMG I just blew up the fucking planet and commited the worlds worse sin. I don't go with the grain. I think with my own brain. I'm not going to agree with something just cause the majority does. Why? Because the majority of people are stupid, so excuse me if the league of extraordinary dumb fucks agreeing with something doesn't motivate me to be okay with it. Just cause everybody is with it doesn't mean it is what you should do. I have lived through too many scenarios where the majority lied, did something cruddy, did something stupid as fuck. It happens on a daily basis yet for some reason everybody still feels like you should follow the majority.

The real reason you feel threatened by me is because I have a strong foundation created by my own mind & beliefs. You may stand firmly in your foundation, but it was built by your moms, pops, teacher, preacher, role model, etc. You are afraid, because I make you face the fact that deep down inside you know you don't truly believe that shit, but admitting it would break your fragile little world apart. It is time to stop being a baby clutching on to someone's pinky & think with your own brain. People say the want the honest truth but 99% of you are still living in a little fantasy world and run away from reality. Stop being mindless zombies & think with your own damn brain. Look down inside yourself & start asking if you truly believe in things or where you told to believe them.


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