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Healing well

I had the surgery on my head last month. When they took the staples out of my head it hurt like crazy. Looks like it is healing up pretty well though, so I am glad everything is okay with that. This month has been a struggle for me with depression as my bday came up on the 9th and I fell into this horrible feeling of not accomplishing my dreams after all these years. Still struggling off money and not making a living off music. I also got a 96 for the final grade in my math class. I have been making some plans with some friends in order to change the future into something better. I am hoping that we will be able to put our heads together and make a difference in each other’s lives. The only way to get out of the situation we are living in is to work together.

This month I rerecorded “Fortune & Fame.” It sounds so much better than it used to. I put a video up on youtube ( ). It isn’t the best sound quality in the world, because I recorded it on the phone, but the sound of the song itself is amazing! I had so much fun doing this song over and it put me in a great mood that brought me out of my depression. I also wrote a song that I plan on recording soon.

My homework is starting to take me a really long time to get done and I have been looking for a job lately, but I am pushing myself to work on my music as much as possible.

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