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Working on a song with 2 friends

I have 2 different songs i'm working on with some friends. One of them I finished 1 verse. The other one i'm struggling with since it has to be uplifting and can't include the word nigga. I don't use the word religiously, but I like to use it in order to get a point across or because it fits the mood I am in during the moment. I don't make music to impress people or improve that i'm smart(according to someone else's standards of what makes someone intelligent and not my own definition of it) or whatever. I make music, because it is what I love doing. This is what makes me happy. I'm not trying to be a superhero and throw on a cape. I just say how I feel in my music and speak on the things I disagree with. I talk about my experiences and the things that I see. I am a good-hearted person, but I am in no way a super hero trying to save the world or anything like that. I am just a person standing up for my own morals and values. Being forced to be positive kills my creativity.

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