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I don't get women

I'm not talking about no particular person. This is a compilation of situations I have seen since I began dating.

I have to question what really matters in this world. My relationship with most women is either we are platonic friends or the treat me like i'm just some dick. At least I feel like it cause they usually won't hit me back unless we are flirting and if we do have a regular convo it will turn sexual within 24 hours. Then they tend to get upset with me about us not meeting up. I know what I want and in most cases these women say I need a woman like XYZ, so clearly they know what I want to. So if I know i'm not looking for a relationship that is about sex and you know it too then why get mad? I'm not going to invest time and energy into a relationship that is the opposite of what I want. I mean that makes no sense whatsoever. If you want me to put effort into you then you have to value me.

Then to take things further these same women will complain about men treating them wrong, not being in their child's life, etc. and I am just thinking in my head, "I mean should I feel bad? Should I care?" Not in the rude sense of not caring about people, but I just feel like if these women can feed me all this ish about how i'm a great guy and need this great women, yet still talk to me like i'm just some dick then why in the world should I be crying to their sob story about men? I'm just being real.

Then it really blows my mind when they talk about finances. Okay he is bringing in more money than me. He has a great job, put a baby in you and didn't spend a dime on that baby and in a lot of cases will go to his death bed without spending a lick of time or money on that child. *claps* But the guy who invests more time and [legal] money into your child than every man you had around your child combined(for some of you I won't speak on how many that is) isn't good enough for you.

I just feel like it makes no logical sense. Where is the sipping tea kermit when you need him?

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