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What makes a king?

I was watching Fate/Stay Zero and they were having a conversation about kings. Saber argued that a King is supposed to be a martyr and fight for the people/serve them. Rider argued that she may have saved her people, but she left them to die with her way of thinking and that a king is supposed to be greedy and embrace the extremes of both good and evil. he is supposed to be what all of his people desire and their desire to have what he has is what will save the people. He said she must have been a saint and the most noble of people while she was alive, but her ways are both a curse and a burden.

What are your thoughts on these philosophies?

It reminds me of myself and also a conversation I had with someone. I have no desire to be a king/leader, but at times people look to me as a leader. I also know I have a martyr type of personality. It makes me wonder if the other person I was talking to saw things from a similar perspective to Rider.

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