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Become popular then change your style

I don't get this whole thought pattern that artists are supposed to make popular music then do what they want to do. There is an artist that no matter how popular they are you would not listen to them if your life depended on it. So what do you think would happen if I made myself sound like that artist? Yet I somehow am supposed to get you to be my fan after I built the reputation of sounding like someone you hate? The people would be my fans after I become popular became my fans for that music, so once I change it they will be gone. Then the mentality that people are brainwashed and stupid, so once they like you and you change your music then you can elevate their minds....If an artist with dumbass music starts rapping for you then you would be like, "get out my face with that bullshit." Yet you somehow think that if an artist like Young Thug starts dropping some knowledge his fans are going to magically convert to conscious music? They listen to him cause they relate to that music. If you go to dudes with hood nigga mentality and spit some conscious ish then they will sit there and try to prove how stupid you are for the conscious stuff you are talking about. Reality is that while you look at these people as brainwashed and stupid they are looking at you as brainwashed and stupid. Nobody is brainwashed or stupid. This is legit who people are. You can't change people and changing yourself thinking it will make them change just traps you in their life. #realtalk

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