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Fuck it

I honestly don't know how to go about interacting with other people. I am to this world what Neo and Agent Smith are to the matrix. Almost everyone I know conforms on some level. Not extreme in general, but in comparison to me there is a huge difference. Even the smallest bit of conformity is literally torture for me. I go through depression, sometimes get sick, have anxiety, etc. I hate conforming with a passion. There is nothing in this world I hate more than conforming. I feel like i'm locked in a cage on this planet.

Fuck it...Fuck being successful. Fuck money. Fuck everyone's advice. Fuck everything. I'm just doing what the hell I want, how I want and when I want. I don't give a fuck if I die cause I can't make money and survive. Doing shit a certain way cause it is how you are supposed to do it to survive is some bullshit. I'm just making my music and playing video games. If you fuck with me cool. If not. O well.

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