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Power of a name

The name you choose holds power. It decides your future. A lot of people were upset about me changing my name from Noble to Nephibis. Why did I change it? It sounded cool. Also I love the power behind the name. Each name that I have used has been an expression of where I was in life. Grim(the monster, destroyer, demon), Noble (the hero, warrior of justice), Nephibis (the god). I created Nephibis from Nephilim(Nephelem) and Anubis(Anput). Nephelem in accordance to the bible is the offspring of both humans and angels. It is considered an abomination, because it was not created by God. Nephilim in accordance to most video games nowadays are the offspring of both human and angel. This fits me, because of the dreams I have of having black angel wings and being called an “Earth Angel” as well as the combination of Grim(the demon) and Noble (the angel) making up my existence. Anubis fits me as well, because beyond the fact that I have an interest in Anubis and the Ankh that I can’t explain. Anubis weighs the hearts of individuals in order to pass over into the afterlife. I am the same way in that I am constantly weighing the hearts of those around me to decide how I feel about them, what I will do, etc. Nephibis fits me, because I am an existence outside of the rules of life that everyone fits into. I have the power to make a difference in a way outside of the ordinary. I am more like the outcast or underdog god than god in the sense of all this glory. The rebel under godhood.

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