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Dream - My Legend

I had this interesting dream last night. This guy approached me to talk to me. He told me about how I was a legend and did amazing things that helped people from many races and countries. He told me about all these things I did to help the earth, nature and help make people more healthy and to help grow safer and healthier food. Then he told me everyone loves me, but they are upset, because I was no longer doing those things. He told me that I used to have a "fuck the world" attitude and didn't care about anything and that attitude is what led to me becoming a legend and changing the world for the better, but not I have become too passive in trying to keep the peace. He gave me a book to read that was the story of my legend, but my middle and last names were replaced with names of my African ancestors. I read about all of these things I did and that when I dreamed I found out I had the ability to travel through time. Where it said the birth to death date it said:

0040 - Current(waiting for personality to split)

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