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Nothing Matters

I've realized that nothing matters. What I mean by that is this:

If something truly matters to you then you will invest into it whatever is necessary. If you aren't willing to invest into it then it doesn't truly matter to you so why put your emotions into it? If someone doesn't do their part then as long as you are moving forward it really won't matter cause you will compensate for what they didn't do. If someone doesn't love you then love yourself. If they don't give to you then give yourself. If someone needs help and you aren't willing to help them in the way that is best for them then you don't truly care about them or their situation, so why even concern yourself with it. Allow someone who is willing to do what is necessary help them, because you are only becoming an obstacle. In the end we all die and all of this means nothing. Why waste your time and the time of others by investing it in things you don't care enough about to take action when your time, energy and emotions could be invested into what you will take action for.

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