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A comment I wrote on an anime

"I agree with you. While I did hate the beginning of DBS and some of the later episodes and I prefer SS4 I do enjoy watching this. I don't even notice the moments when the drawings look bad until someone complains about it in the comments then I go back to see a fraction of a second where the drawing was bad. I mean out of an entire show with good animation people will complain if there is 1 second of bad animation. Unfortunately as an artist I will say that you constantly get negative feedback from people. Even the people who call themselves your fans. It is constant complaining and you did this wrong or you did that wrong. You barely ever hear anything good(including from your fans). This is why so many artists become depressed and have so many issues. It doesn't help if you are an artist that makes a lot of money, because then people won't be sympathetic as if money is supposed to cure how you feel about something you put your heart and soul into being crushed on a daily basis and all the crap you deal with from people. That's why we tend to cherish every time someone tells us they like our work, it helped them get through something or anything else positive that they say.

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