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Text is better than talk

I prefer texting to calling and social media to face to face. Why?

Okay so let's say you need to say 1 thing to someone. When you text it's done. When you call you gotta give a greeting, ask how they are doing, have a whole 30 min to hour long convo when all you wanted to say was 1 sentence and go on about your business. Then you got the people who talk slow, take forever to get off the phone, or never want to stop talking.

With social media vs face the face it is the same issues plus most people don't LISTEN. You usually get cut off and have to basically fight to get everything you have to say heard(not all people are like this, but the average person cuts you off before you are finished talking). On social media you send a whole message, so you get everything off your chest. Of course there are some A-holes who don't read the whole thing, but even with them you at least get more of what you have to say across to them than when you speak face to face and they aren't listening.

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