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Destiny 2 & No Man's Sky

Destiny 2 was pretty fun. I just started, but it felt more difficult than the 1st game in regards to starting out the game. I also feel like it seemed more like what Destiny was originally advertised to be like in regards to how you explore the world and go to your missions in the world you are exploring and you mostly are alone(which I like), but it's like players can drop in and out of the action, so someone passing by could join into the fight(or keep going and you probably never notice them).

I also played hours of No Man's Sky and I really enjoyed it. A lot of people have complained about it, but it seemed like a really fun game to me. Though considering I can play The Sims for thousands of hours with no mission objectives I think this game would be more suited for my creative personality type. I like to use video games as my "2nd life" and I always wanted to travel through space my entire life, so having a game where I am free to explore, kill, live life or whatever I want to do as I please works for me. I have been completing some objectives, flew past ships fighting in space and got to witness a fleet of ships warping in(which was pretty cool and had me like "oh shit" at the same time, because I did not want to get caught up in that much laser fire). I didn't meet other players, but I didn't care either, because I enjoy playing solo. Besides if I met other players I would like to customize my look. I don't want to be in a room full of people that look like the guy from Doom. With the chill gameplay I had I honestly wonder if other people being in the game would mess up that experience. Especially since I like the way things are and they don't. We are definitely different gamer types that probably would enjoy being in each other's games...

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