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Live your life in happiness

You have to look at every moment in life and find happiness out of it. Even if you have to make it into a game. It isn’t worth being miserable all of the time. I see life as either you have a purpose and should go after what makes you happy since that is likely your purpose or purposes don’t exist and the only thing left to pursue is what makes you happy. I think about this, because when my life began to change for the better, I was imagining every day that I was living the life of my dreams and feeling happiness in those moments. Slowly things began to change and I had so many unexpected events in my life. On the day I performed and was asked for autographs the only thing that had changed that time I performed was that I was imagining myself living in the life I wanted while I performed. Once I stopped seeing myself in that way, my life took a turn down a path I didn’t want to head.

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