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Could you love me?

I have romantic feelings for you

And I’m not really sure if I should back off or pursue

I mean a part of me feels like I’m falling in love, but our situation

Makes me question if it is really infatuation

Mentally I question if this could ever be could never be

But emotionally I feel like you are my bride to be

But maybe I’m just living in a fantasy created by my mind

And maybe a lack of interest is why you have a lack of time

Maybe it’s just that you are the most beautiful woman

And I am just a man caught up in your words of silk walking through a land

Painted by a beautiful picture that turns your presence into poetry

and I’m caught up in its scent flowing through my soul holding you so close to me

Chasing after a woman in a case that could never be

Maybe this is just something that was never meant to be

And even though I know my heart isn’t fully invested

Maybe I should just pursue this woman that’s interested

Maybe you were never interested and letting go of these lies will set me free

Or maybe I’m just thinking too much as I write this poem

Cause even if I dated you would I ever truly know?

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