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Never Wish Lyrics


Verse 1

1. lost up in these rhymes…I think I lost my mind

2. they said I’m outta line…guess I’m outline

3.mental enhancer…you could call me brain Gon

4.surround with down chicks…they come to rain on parade…cause I was born to have the highest goals

6.I tried to hold her close…but she became a foe is it wrong that I deleted the chick

8.felt like our hearts mix… but her mind didn’t fit

9.Just the same old story…you hear in every song maybe I ain’t really… change all along

11.or I could have a soft spot for the chicks wrong

12.half of them don’t like me…singing the same song

13.but I knew it all along… couldn’t turn into wifey

14.opposites attract… I guess that’s why they trifling

15. .so I’m done… with these American goals

16. .rather be happy… on the path that I chose

Verse 2

17. .Sometimes I swear I don’t even need a goal

18. .just get up and go… until the day I blow

19. .work ethic… keep it hard with no erection

20. .reaching for my dreams… my natural selection

21. .aren’t we still walking blind when we have a cause

22. .so by definition does that mean we all lost

23. .even though I found my home I don’t know my way

24. .so I just keep taking steps until I’m here to stay

25. .no intentions… to be gone with the wind

26. .i’m here for the journey… they just in it for the end

27. .but what’s the point when you miss out on the present

28. .life is giving gifts… I guess you missed out on the present

29. .ain’t no time ….to watch it pass me by

30. .so I’m blowing on my dreams… until I get high

31. .so never catch me wishing…I gotta make it real

32. .this life is my goal… I don’t need a deal

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