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Death to the enemy lyrics


Death to the enemy(x3)

What’s a rapper to an Emcee

Verse 1

1. I was looking for that freedom when I gripped the mic

2. now the scope holds my dreams with an aim precise

3.but don’t mistake me cause I’m the type to be nice

4.cause I got the type of flow that turns men to mice those who false claim Hip Hop are my enemy got a problem with these words best be ending me

7.cause I won’t stop till I resurrect this life

8.where true lyricist got to spitting on the mic

9.where every Emcee was known as an activist

10.and you got crushed if you were an active diss

11.yeah I’m taking shots… consider this warfare

12.ain’t no public enemy… but caught in crosshair

13.see I been too friendly…to let you rappers live

14.continue to spit this poison… you feeding to the kids

15. .but it’s okay though…we’ll let you rest in peace

16. .not with the peace, but the one that sends your *** to sleep

Verse 2

17. .ain’t trying to be the bad guy… dark knight

18. .creeping through the night until I hit his brains concise

19. .black mask with a weapon in my grasp

20. .call my pen Ryūjin Jakka…turn him into ash

21. .related to the past…I mean he’s history

22. .and these rappers birds…rotisserie

23. .let’s talk about what you spitting on the block

24. .cause all your fans tell me…that your rhymes hot

25. .but can’t tell me a single bar from the lines you spit

26. .that means you can’t rap if all they hear is drum kit

27. .but it’s okay…. cause your fans real stupid too

28. .I aim these shots at your heart like cupid do

29. .if you can’t understand a single word he says to you

30. .if everything they speak about just hurts the youth

31. .if all they say out their mouth is disrespectful too

32. .then what you call their fans? a mother****in fool

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