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Played Detroit for the first time

I already played the demo, but this was my first time playing the full game. This game is AMAZING! It isn't the type of game for people who like pointless games where you are just killing each other. It isn't an action-packed game. This game is based around the story and the emotion in it. It is almost like a movie. The choices that you make during the game determine what will happen on a level beyond the cause and effect in Mass Effect. I love the approach in how the androids are made to be so human and it is basically like they are slaves. This game creates an emotional conflict between them being robots and being conscious beings that deserve to be treated right. There was this one part in the game where a dad on drugs caused harm to his daughter and I couldn't take it anymore. I went against his command to stay still and went to get his gun to protect his daughter from him. After some button presses I was not fully successful, causing the gun to be thrown away from me and the android I played as to be beaten to the point that he was about to destroy it. The little girl shot him to save the android. I felt horrible that she was in a position to do that and questioned if I should have gone to her room instead and helped her escape out of the window rather than grabbing the gun. I just couldn't let a guy live that kept beating a child like that. Maybe it is because in real life I tend to have children gravitate towards and trust me that have been through abuse and other bad experiences in life.

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