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Work made me feel depressed today

I was feeling kind of depressed today when going to work. Lately i've been working on my music more and I feel like I have been doing a good job with Audio Production. I get a lot of compliments from my teachers and if I ace these last few classes then that means I will have been an honor student the entire time I have been in school to get my bachelor's. It's just that as I work on music more and more, these feelings of passion come up. I love music and I love being me. I love feeling free and being able to express myself. At work there is no music, there is no being me, there is no expression and I feel locked in chains. I have to suppress my true self. I am a Black Sheep. I am rebellious. I like who I am and with music I am able to be that person and embrace them, but with work I have to treat that person as if they are bad and it’s wrong to be them. That’s killing me on the inside.

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