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Why I like anime like One Piece

I'm starting to see why I like anime like One Piece. It's about dreamers that go after what they want. It shows how they move forward no matter how crazy or stupid people think they are. Even though dreamers can be go getters, people typically only mean the technical types when they mention go getters, because of their image of what a dreamer is. The difference is that dreamers have an all or nothing approach, so they fail if they don't go all in and move forward without doubt. The upside though is that they are capable of improving faster and reaching greater heights than their technical counterparts. On the other hand technicals are more likely to succeed if they doubt themselves and they tend to have a safety net. I don't see either approach as right or wrong, but it being subject to the personality of the individual. A dreamer will likely fail and be stuck with plan B using the technical approach due to it causing them to feed their doubt.

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