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Future Business

I am not sure if I want to create a record label or something else, but I have the desire to create an environment for Hip Hop artists to get together and grow by bouncing their creativity off of each other. I don't want just any kind of artist though. I want artists who are rebellious black sheep and create because they have a love for it. I want artists filled with passion, who don't care about creating what they think other people will like. I don't want it to exclusively concentrate on the music artists(even though this will be the main focus of my energy). I want to also have others involved in the process to play a bigger role than just simply being in the background. For example, I would like to promote artwork for someone to sell who may also participate in the creation of album covers. I think that maybe I could create a label while doing this, but I am not sure. I also came up with a name for my business, but I hate the sound of it with records or entertainment in it. That is another factor that makes me question if I should call it a record label or not.

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