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Guys will turn on you quick over a female

I had a crazy experience at work. This girl asks for my social media to hear my music. I give it to her. She tells me she is trapped at work cause her car won't start, so I give her my number and tell her to call if she needs me to pick her up. She eventually hits me up and starts flirting with me. I tell her I don't want to flirt, because I don't really know her like that and I may be too strong for some people. She keeps flirting and pushing me to flirt back, so I eventually flirt back. Later the flirting gets deeper and I mention that I have been giving her a "watered down" version of my flirting. She asks for me to say something freakier. I told her I didn't want to say it, because it may be too much. She told me she wanted to hear it and I warned her 3-4 times. She confirmed that she wanted to hear it, so I said it. Afterwards she became mad and she told someone at work. The guy she told was crazy about her and told his friend. His friend said something out loud that suggested he knew about the situation. When I asked her about it, she admitted that she told someone else. She kept telling me that she was only friends with the guy that likes her. Eventually I started to see him buy her stuff and it seemed like his emotions were getting deeper. Eventually other guys started showing interest in her and acting strange towards guys they saw as "competition." I told her that she needed to let any guys know if she wasn't interested in them. She kept telling me she didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

There was a situation in which a guy made a joke. I asked her if she was messing with anyone at work, because the joke seemed a little too specific and I didn't want to get caught up in any drama. She told me, "no" and asked about the joke. She then became mad and told me she would go off on the guy who made the joke. When she went to work I was texting her, but she didn't seem in the mood to tell me much. The next day I went to work and decided to ask the guy that she tells everything if anything came up the day before that involved me, so I could be aware if someone possibly had hostility towards me. He didn't tell me anything. I later received a text saying that she heard I had talked to the guy and she asked, "why is my name coming out your mouth?" At this point I was fed up with her disrespect and hot-headed ways, so I told her that I didn't want anything to do with her. The next time I came to work there was a lot of tension in the area I work in. Since most of the guys in the back room are loyal to the guy who likes the girl; they decided they had a problem with me.

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