• William Young

The Demon Within 12-7-18

One day there is an unexpected knock on the door. When I open it up, 12 Gauge comes walking through with a black eye yelling, “let’s go get these niggas!” He proceeded to tell me a story about how some “friends” of his beat him up, claiming that he was a snitch. He told me he didn’t even know about the situation and that one of the guys who jumped him was the one that told his brother, who was a cop. I was pissed and decided to go with him to find the guys that jumped him. We left the house and he took us to go see one of our cousins. I started to notice that he was wasting a lot of time and didn’t seem to be taking me to the guys we were looking for. Eventually we left our cousin’s house and went to get something to eat. On our way there, some Bloods were walking down the street yelling at us. When the recognized 12 Gauge, they slapped hands with him and went on about their business. I went inside this restaurant to get food with 12 Gauge. As we were waiting in line, I looked through the window to see a car come screeching up to the sidewalk. A bunch of muscular men with “Police” written on their shirts jumped out of the car and grabbed the Bloods we saw earlier. One decided to walk into the restaurant and walked over to one of the benches. He pulled something out of his pocket and stuck his hand behind the bench, before pulling it back and yelling, “I found some drugs!” The officer grabbed me and pulled me outside. Another male officer began to feel up my body. I told him that I was just getting food and hadn’t done anything wrong. A few minutes had gone by and he was still checking my body. His touches began to feel inappropriate, so I asked that he not touch me in certain areas. He grabbed my genitals and said, “what are you going to do about it? I will take my badge off and beat your ass in the middle of the street.” I kept telling him that I didn’t do anything wrong and don’t understand why he is treating me like he is. The cop swung on me and by reflex I caught his hand in the palm of my hands. The cop seemed shocked and said if I moved my hands again, he would lock me up. Another cop slammed one of the bloods down and the other two screamed, “he is only 14!” They decided to let us go and the cop that swung on me told me I was respectful. After they left my eyes were full of tears and I told my cousin, “one day we are going to get these cops back for this.”



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