• William Young

Lyrics to Friday Bliss

1. It was a dream…beautiful queen…I seen

2. heart thumping…I mean…these things

3.how do I say it when these feelings are super saiyan

4.and all of my exes been playing… it’s driving my mind insane

5. afraid to lose my heart…

6. buried in this art and it’s too deep

7. looking for the sleep, but no counting sheep

8.caught up in the sight, but not trying to see

9.tell me could this journey be the one for me

10.tell me if this woman is the one to be

11.I can feel her touch… more than skin deep

12.hear my heart beat…what’s it telling me

13….born an artist but I can’t find the words

14.the way I’m tongue twisted you would swear it was absurd

15. . …so let me hold you close with these verbs

16. . and give you poetry like the type you never heard

….like the type you never heard…

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