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The 6ix9ine snitching thing is getting out of hand

The 6ix9ine snitching thing is getting out of hand. I am not a fan of using the word “snitching” mainly because of the “stop snitching” movement and it mainly being used to tell people not to tell anything at all. The definition of snitching is supposed to be when you tell on someone and betray them. I don’t believe in having blind loyalty, but I do believe that if you agree to participate in an activity with someone then you should take responsibility for your actions rather than pointing fingers. I feel like regardless of the outcome of the situation he shouldn’t have thrown Hip Hop as a whole under the bus by saying his music and videos were based on reality. Most people lie in their music and even the ones who do the types of things they talk about have something in their songs that isn’t what they have literally done. For me personally; music is a way to vent. I don’t think people should be punished for what they put into their music. It gives us a freedom of expression that we don’t get anywhere else in our life.

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