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I don't believe in coincidence

I don't believe in coincidence. I was thinking about how Tupac had died young and about revolution. I am not saying this is with every situation or person, but I constantly hear about how they young fight and the older people stay out of the fight. When I was younger I was upset about it, because I felt like they should fight & they didn't want to, but after hearing another side of things when I found out that so many of my family who came before me were a part of so many revolutions I can understand that is not the case with all of them. I know everyone has their feelings on illuminati, but I feel like there was a lot more to it than just that. Like a higher purpose to his death that allowed those after him to kill him, because it would spark the next stage of this purpose he was supposed to contribute to. I was questioning if age would have made Tupac step back and say I won't fight any more & I will let the young ones do this...I don't believe he would have. That was when I questioned would age eventually change how I felt and my active movements. I don't believe it would either, because for me this is more than just that young energy. Once Tupac said "If you don't can't find anything to live for then find something to die for." Those words pushed me forward through the darkest moments of my life. It is the reason I can fight so hard. It is the reason I haven't died. There is something in my life I will die for and I feel like it must be what I die from, which goes along with him saying a man chooses how he dies(I believe that is what he said). All of this leads up to the final point of me saying this. Tupac once said that he wouldn't change the world, but he would spark the mind that would. I always felt like he was talking to me no matter how many times I listened to it. What made me love Tupac was that we were so similar as people. While everybody just saw Tupac the actor & rapper I saw Tupac the person. I saw how everything we went through in life & our personality was very similar and we think alike, but more than that he held my purpose. I felt like I had a purpose and he had the answers. All of the information I needed, everything I needed to see, the things to push me was like he already had the pieces to get me started and as I grow & learn I have been able to piece them together better. It felt like he knew something & even though he didn't know the specific person I always connected as if it was meant for me to learn. Everyone tells me you can't change the world, because it is impossible, yet for some reason I couldn't let go of this feeling that I have to. So I am growing and eventually I will evolve and I have something important to do in this world

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