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Can't find good advice

I don't feel like I can ask anyone for advice, because I will only receive a biased answer from their perspective. Every time I ask about something the answer is based on how the world perceives something(i.e. "that isn't a big deal" instead of "well depending on how you feel..."). I feel like I am the only person who can answer any question I have, because while they give advice that would be great for the average person their advice always leaves me feeling miserable, because I am so different from other people and while a situation may not be life threatening or anything it doesn't change the fact that I feel horrible and I'm supposed to just live with a horrible feeling, because "it isn't a big deal." I just feel like there is no one I can talk to when I really need help, because no one is ever capable of helping me. I go to people from the oldest to the youngest, smartest to dumbest, etc. yet no one is ever able to help me. I think it is just time for me to stop asking for advice and just meditate when I have questions. That is the only thing that has ever truly worked

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