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Are Dre Beats worth it?

I don't know if they improved this issue or not, but years ago someone asked me if the dre beat headphones were worth the money. I would say it depends on how you feel. I recommend getting the longest warranty you can for it. The sound quality is the best and you can even hear the bass bumping. Problem is I blew them joints out in 2-3 months. First the subwoofer goes out. then it starts sounding like the cheap headphones you can get & then one ear goes out & finally it is done. You would think considering it represents dr dre and it is aimed towards people who really listen to music it would be designed to handle the use of someone who bangs out music all day long. If you don't use the headphones much then you may be fine, but for someone who actually listens to music all day it isn't worth it without that warranty. Of course you have to keep the box & everything it came in & send that back & it can take some time to get your replacement pair, so that is another thing to think about with it being worth it. That can be a pain in itself.

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