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Baltimore in FIRE

I have to be real on this subject. As much as I hated seeing our communities be destroyed I know how I felt in high school & what I dealt with as far as police. Back when I was in high school if I had been in this same situation I would have done the exact same thing. I will repeat that I hated seeing the community being destroyed but right this very moment as I am right now if I I were surrounded by police considering that I didn't do shit wrong & they been killing & beating us for years & the shit I dealt with in the past I would turn violent.

The government should fear the people not the other way around. When it comes down to it the majority of the people "rioting" don't have access to vehicles & lets be real if they set foot in a white neighborhood during all this the police wouldn't have been as "chill" as they were during all this. They protected the stadium & all that heavy when all the action was happening out here. Fact is that we don't have the manpower or weaponry to go head to head and our strongest warriors are locked up. We are already in a situation where we have no chance of living a decent life. I see people 50 & 60 years old still working a bullshit job. You think that gives me hope for my future. I want to live in a decent neighborhood & have a nice peaceful life & all the old people talking peace & shit claim we are going to get that, but how can I believe them when they live a shitty life i'd rather kill myself than be satisfied with. We lack in food, clothes, medicine, etc. To be real with you i'm against looting, but if my grandmother hadn't given me money recently to buy food I would have been looting the store too. I had no food in the house. I bust my ass for a 9-5 that leaves me feeling like I get hit by a train every single day I work & I put my body through that hell for a bullshit as paycheck that leaves my bank account in overdraft. I pay every bill just enough to not have my shit cut off.

We already feel weak & helpless & in the face of police we feel like a wounded, weak & helpless animal. idk about most of the people complaining about this, but I dare them to take one of those cute bunnies they thing are harmless. cut it and then trap it in a corner & see what it does. As much as I don't like what went down it did create a symbol that we will fight back. I love peace & I hate violence, but I also believe that in order to protect ourselves we need a militant force & we will have to be willing to crack skulls just as much as we can be diplomatic. Unfortunately the time will come where we have to choose between safety & freedom. I promise you that while these people who were acting a "fool" were out there doing what they did. It wasn't just anger, but also fear in their hearts. Every story has multiple sides & in the face of danger those lines of morals can easily become blurry. Some people just want to live to see another day & other people fight because of the beauty of life & freedom. To them there are things worth more than money & living to see the next day. Some people fight for a purpose. Some people fight because the lives of others or their freedom matter. For some people it is better to die free than to live as a slave.

Everybody is judging, but no one really knows what is in the next person's head. As much as it saddens me to see all this go down I know in my heart where I stand & where my people stand in relation to this world. I am not a criminal, but i'm not on the same side as the police either.

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