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Those who like my music

I feel like the people who like my music are the ones who are thinkers & those who appreciate Hip Hop as an art rather than just something that sounds nice for them to dance to & run away from their problems. I noticed that everyone who likes my music I can hold a deep conversation with them where as the people who don't I can't really talk to them about heavy things.

I also noticed that the people who like my music tend to be the ones who don't follow the crowd. The thinkers. The ones who do unique & creative things. The people with open minds. I attract the rare personalities. With this in mind i'm thinking that I am going to face a shitload of negative comments. It is going to be even harder for me to reach my target audience than most artists. I mean it is hard enough to make it as an artist. Yeah people think it is easy cause people get rich of the dumbest songs, but making money as an artist isn't about creativity, skill or anything like that. It is about the opinion of someone else. Opinions constantly change & are stimulated by so many things. And the fact the the dumbest mind-destroying songs with mediocre rhymes are the most popular tells you a lot about what the majority of people on this planet are like.

I know I have my faults. I have songs I have made that I don't like(even though a lot of people do). I have had plenty of struggles & i'm not the perfect artist, but I know I am skilled enough that I should be making a living off solely my music right now. Not even saying I should be rich, but I should be able to eat, pay my bills & live a normal life off only my music, while still doing my other hustles on the side.

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