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Technology is taking over the world

Technology is taking over the world. I want to speak on this from an alternate perspective. The perspective of the technology loving person who was their before the tool of our kind "took over the world."

Before we "took over the world" we were the kid that no one liked. We were bullied, stuffed in lockers, had our heads dunked in toilets and were beat up on a frequent basis. We were not accepted, because we didn't fit what everyone felt like all people are supposed to be like. We didn't go outside enough, we spent too much time playing video games, we didn't play sports. I have watched as guys who refused a chick that threw the ass at him, because he had self-respect or was in a relationship get beat up and be called gay...not only by other males but females who complained so much about all men being cheating dogs. I have watched so many of my kind turn to bullying to keep from being picked on. Who changed the way they dressed and acted to keep from being bullied. Who loved cartoons, action figures and other things they had to hide or throw away in order to be accepted.

People think that pokemon go was a fad out of nowhere. They don't realize how many people were in the closet fans, but never let anyone know, because they were "too old." They don't know how many people secretly play the game in their bedroom, but act like it doesn't exist when around people. Technology didn't change anything. It just brought to light the things that were in the dark. The same people who hated technology then still do now and speak openly against it all the time. The same people who were always outside are still outside all the time. The reason it seems different is because you can see a bigger world than you used to, because those of us hiding from society that would crucify us are now in the public and as it becomes more accepted the "in the closet" technology lovers are starting to go back to being who they truly are.

We felt oppressed by those who wanted us to go outside and stop using technology in the same way black people feel oppressed by America. We experienced bully brutality in the same way people experience police brutality, but everyone turned a blind eye. We didn't appear out of nowhere. We were invisible, because the people who want us to go outside were ashamed of us and didn't want us to be seen. For years we lived under the tyranny of those who felt like we used technology too much and were too old for this and that.

Of course we are blamed for everything bad. I remember when we were forced to go outside kids were getting kidnapped left and right, but now pokemon go makes people get kidnapped. I remember many people not paying attention and running into things and falling into ditches back when computers weren't popular. Last time I checked robbery and murder was happening before the computer even existed. I remember accidents from drunk driving, being high, being distracted, being tired, bad judgement, etc., but of course everyone seems to believe it magically started with technology.

A lot of problems of today are caused by the mentality that people have, which is on the level of grabbing a pitchfork and torch to go burn witches. People don't want to accept what is different and want to destroy it. Instead of just not using technology and hanging out with the people who are also anti-tech(believe me there are plenty of them) why do people fight so hard to force their beliefs on us. We love technology. People need to allow us to be who we are. They are not doing that with their constant attempts against tech. Truth is that a lot of people on this planet are gifted in using technology and not in the things that everyone believes we should be doing. It isn't right to take away their only gift to force everyone to be the same.

Technology isn't taking over anything. It just allowed people to see the truth and allowed us to become more accepted by the world.

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