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A better word for me is #Heart . I wrote down the things that make me happy and unhappy and came across a common theme. The reason these things made me happy or unhappy was based around love, respect, honor, dignity and being myself(which goes hand in hand with freedom). So many people say things to me, because I put my emotions out there on social media when we live in a world where you aren't supposed to show your emotions. Almost everything i've ever done in life I have lost, but I still keep moving forward. I stand for what I believe in and fight for my dream even though I know I have no chance of standing up against or beating whatever I am facing(which is the main reason why I love Eren Jaeger and Naruto). I fight to be myself even though the people around me are constantly telling me not to do something, because it will "make me look bad" or make people not like me/buy my music or whatever. I am a kind and caring person and that hasn't changed even though people have been cruel, cruddy, manipulative and have tried to destroy me because of it. That is why #Heart fits me.

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