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Myspace messed up

I miss the old Myspace. It was great! You could design your page into anything you wanted. You could add your music to your page. Then if people like it they could add your music to their page. Their friends would hear it and that's how your music got around. Celebrities weren't really doing the social media thing back then, so we didn't have to worry about being overshadowed by music just because it is popular and we got heard. All that mattered then was if people liked it or not.

It was so much more social. Yeah you had your bad people, but there were so many more good people and they were so much more social. I mean now if people don't know you then they don't want to add you as a friend or people will add you and never talk to you even though they read your messages saying "hi." On the old myspace if someone added you then they legit wanted to talk to you and be your friend.

You could also comment on the page and send a message to their inbox. No social media today has all of those components together on one site. No social media today has that many people who are friendly and want to be friends with you. Myspace messed up on a site that was better than everything we have today.

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