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Sometimes I care too much

The most difficult thing for me is that sometimes I feel like I care too much. I always feel like maybe i'm not doing enough and need to show people I care more, but at the same time I feel like i'm worn out from trying to be the superhero all the time and I need to cut back to concentrate on me and be selfish, so I can get my life where I want it to be before I try to help other people. I just hate seeing people be miserable or hurt, but at the same time I get upset, because they do things that put them in the situations they are in. I understand that everyone wants to be themselves and all that, but every action has consequences and while the consequences can really suck at times you have to think about what comes with what you want to do and decide if you are willing to go through that instead of feeling like you are going to do whatever you want. I feel like everyone should be themselves, but not if you can't take responsibility for who you choose to be and be ready for what comes after. It upsets me when people want to be rappers, but they only write once every six months, want to be photographers, but never take pics, want to be painters, but their brushes have cobwebs, etc. It's partially cause they are suffering and partially, because I can't help them, but then at the same time it is their fault. No matter how busy you are you can make time, but you aren't willing to. I mean if you aren't willing to make that time then maybe it isn't really the life you want and you should concentrate on being happy with the life you have rather than pursue that life. If you get that other life then you will have a lot more work and responsibilities piled on. If you can't handle the work and responsibility of working towards that dream then having that dream is going to be way too much work and stress on you. maybe just getting the money to pay the bills and coming home to be with your family, hang out with your friends or watch your favorite shows is the life for you. In the end you have to really think about what it means if you succeed at what you are complaining about not having and decide if that is really the life you want.

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